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Listed in no particular order.

Nick Woolcott
Memorial Garden at the end of the runway, founded and maintained by by Mr. Nick Woolcott. The Dedication Of The Garden. Mr. Nick Woolcott, founder and caretaker of the RAF Upper Heyford Memorial Garden. Thanks to Mr. Nick Woolcott, who put in place the memorial at the 09 end of the runway in remembrance of Capt. Jerry Lindh and Maj. David McGuire who, on September 17, 1992, gave their lives to guide their stricken F-111 away from village homes.

Mr. Woolcott grew up in the village of Upper Heyford and now works on base. He still tends the garden at the site. "Nick is one of the many locals who are proud of their association with the Yanks at UH. Every year he raises the American flag over the memorial on the anniversary of the crash and on the 4th of July..."

Russ Kendall, CMSgt (Ret)
7514th CSG (64-66)
66 TRW, (66-67)
20th AGS, 20th EMS, 20th TFW/MA (84-87)

Dec. 22, 2002. Submitted by Russ Kendall, CMSgt, [Ret]. Dec. 22, 2002. Submitted by Russ Kendall (pictured), CMSgt, [Ret]. Dec. 22, 2002. Submitted by Russ Kendall, CMSgt, [Ret]. "To make a long story short, my wife's cousin, Nick Woolcott, saved the 79th TFS bar from destruction. It is now in his house, which is in the old officer's housing area [tobacco housing]. Nick is an F-111 maniac, and amateur base historian, having been born and spent his life in the village Upper Heyford." Submitted by Russ Kendall, CMSgt, (Ret).

Nigel Dawe and Jonathan at the Welford 60th Anniversary; June 2003.

From virtually the beginning of this web site in September of 2000, Jonathan {last name witheld by request) has kindly contributed countless hours of library research on RAF Upper Heyford to find and scan the many newspaper articles for us on the Articles page on our web site.

Jonathan has been guest speaker to the Newbury Rotary group on the history of Greenham Common, and is currently in the process of writing a full history of RAF Greenham Common and RAF Welford which will be published as a book in 2005. In September 2004 was made a lifetime member of the Air Force Association of Missileers (AAFM) through Doug Livingston (Col. USAF Ret.).

Jonathan is the webmaster and host of his own website, documenting the history of RAF Greenham Common, RAF Welford and the 501st Tactical Missle Wing.

To visit his web site, click this link:

Nigel Dawe
Nigel Dawe and Jonathan at the Welford 60th Anniversary; June 2003. Nigel Dawe is a Research Historian with The Ridgeway Military & Aviation Research Group, based at RAF Welford, Newbury, Berkshire. Mr. Dawe has contributed information, images of patches, decals and photos for the RAF Upper Heyford web site, for which I am very grateful. This photo was taken at that time in the RAF Welford museum, upstairs, along with "Sleepy Time Gal" (in the background).
Sleepy Time Gal at the Welford Museum. Submitted courtesy of Nigel Dawe, Research Historian with The Ridgeway Military & Aviation Research Group, based at RAF Welford. "She's called "Sleepy Time Gal", and the original was over the fireplace in the officer's mess at Welford in WWII. We have the original timbers from the fireplace in the now demolished building, and have recreated a false fireplace upstairs in our museum building. Whilst Welford is now pure USAF, it was shared with the RAF and Royal Navy for a couple of years and an RAF guy, an excellent artist, recreated "Sleepy Time Gal" for us. We only had a black and white WWII photo originally, but by pure chance I found (and bought) an original print in glorious technicolor, so we could paint her in the correct colors."

Nigel Dawe, Research Historian with The Ridgeway Military & Aviation Research Group, based at RAF Welford.

Dan McKenzie
Dan McKenzie. Thanks to Mr. Dan McKenzie of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire UK. Mr. McKenzie for his contributions of information and images to the RAF Upper Heyford web site. He is the host and webmaster of his own web site at

This is not a complete list of all of the contributors to the web site.

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