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RAF Upper Heyford
Jon Davison Collection
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Meet Jon Davison, distinguished professional freelance photographer and producer of the highly acclaimed book, "Superbase 11, Upper Heyford Aardvarks and Ravens".

Jon Davison

I produced a colour book a few years ago "Upper Heyford ­ Aardvarks & Ravens" for Osprey Aerospace Publications. You will find shots of the F-111Ešs & EF-111Ašs on my website:

I really enjoyed my time at the base during my photo sessions.

Kind regards,
Jon Davison

bookcover.gif "Superbase 11, Upper Heyford Aardvarks and Ravens" is definitely a "must have" in the library of every enthusiast of the F-111 aircraft and of RAF Upper Heyford, England.

Profusely illustrated with color photographs. The Osprey Superbase series takes the enthusiast behind the scenes on the world's major airbases. This up-front series features spectacular, exclusive color photography from aviation's camera sharp-shooters. Royal Air Force Upper Heyford dates back to World War 1and has long been associated with bomber aircraft. This book is dedicated to all the personnel who flew and manintained both models of the General Dynamics F-111 at RAF Upper Heyford.

Osprey Publishing. 1990. First Edition. 8" x 9". Softcover. 128 pages.   ISBN 0-85045-913-3
© Jon Davison 1990

Airfield Focus 43 "AIRFIELD FOCUS 43: UPPER HEYFORD Revisited"
by Peter Davis

Established as an RFC aerodrome in 1915 the site eventually became an RAF bomber station in the 1920/30s, with the veritable Hampden equipping 16 OTU in 1940. Taken over by the USAF's SAC in 1952, B-47s arrived and stayed until 1965. The 66th TRW took up residence with RF-101 Voodoos up to 1969. By mid-1970 F-100s of the 20th TFW arrived and replaced soon after by the F-111E Aardvark. Contains updated material to Summer 2006. Maps. B/w photos throughout.

Published by GMS Enterprises
5-3/4" x 8-1/4".
Softcover, 44 pages.
ISBN 1-870384-82-2
© GMS Enterprises

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