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These web site links are listed as a convenience. No guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, are made for the content or accuracy of any of these sites.

Together We Served

Submitted coutesy of James Sercey.

Airfields & Aviation Memorials

This is a web site "...dedicated to Airfields & Aviation Memorials". Coutesy of Richard E. Flagg.

A Heyfordian's Blog
For those who may know or have known Kurt Rice, 520 AGS / 79 AMU, here is a link to his blog to see what he's up to these days.
Former Heyford SP assists in locating old friends and family.
Former Heyford SP assists in locating old friends and family.

"I have recently set up a new Web site for those who served in the RAF during World War II, which is a free non-commercial site. In fact it is an off shoot of my sister site WWII Ex-RAF Kenya

The new site is for both Aircrew and Ground Crew alike who served during World War 2 and are trying to find old friends."

Len Smith

The Department of Veterans Afairs
Link submitted by Duane Park.
It gives me great pleasure to announce another new web site,
WW2 Airfields of Oxfordshire
featuring more great photos of the former RAF Upper Heyford air base. This is definitely a "must see" web site!!!
Submitted by Pete Dorward, webmaster.
"The following link leads to a scaleable aerial photo of the UH area. If you have broadband, go to the BIG MAP option and point and zoom around. It works in IE6 and Netscape7."

Submitted by Mark Sinclair, A1C, 20 AMS, CNPA Shop (COMM/NAV/ECM Avionics), May 1977 - May 1979.

Air Force Historical Research Agency

...a source of ready information for USAF historians, other researchers, and the general public.
Submitted by Roy Swezda. Roy's Aircraft Picture Library
Roy Szweda has created a web site for all of you RAF Upper Heyford "Open Day" aircraft enthusiasts who would like to have your aircraft photos on the internet!
RAF Alconbury
Hosted by Paul Francis. Link submitted by Roger Roop.
RAF Bentwaters & RAF Woodbridge Twin Bases RAF Bentwaters & RAF Woodbridge Twin Bases
- Hosted by webmaster Linn Barringer.
Hosted by webmaster James Tansey.
RAF Fairford
"Here's a link for a new site on RAF Fairford, even a page on 79th TFS F-111E 68-082 that crashed there on 25 March 1981."

Link submitted by Terry Horstead.

RAF Greenham Common - "The Complete History 1941 - 1992"
Hosted by webmaster Jonathan Sayers.
RAF Upper Heyford
A new web site hosted by Paul Francis, based on his research for the local council in February 1996.

Courtesy of Dan McKenzie, Webmaster,
RAF Upper Heyford Site Report
A Site Report with photos by Nick Catford, member of the Subterranea Britannica's Research Study Group. 5 July 2001

Link submitted by Curt Lenz, Assistant Webmaster/Historian, The FB-111A Association, A Nonprofit Organization,

RAF Wethersfield
- Hosted by webmaster Bob Barrett. A service history compiled by Johan D. Ragay, the Netherlands.

A service history compiled by Johan D. Ragay, the Netherlands.

Submitted by Steve Mock, MSgt, (ret), ABR57170 Airborne Rescue Specialist DET 2, 40thARRWg, Aug 1969 - Aug 1973.

"A couple of lines for the 66th Wing prior to the arrival at Upper Heyford." Link submitted by Terry L Horstead. 81st SPS
"The UnOfficial gathering place for the men & women who served in the USAF 81st Security Police Squadron at RAFs (Royal Air Force) Bentwaters and Woodbridge, Suffolk, England." - Hosted by webmaster Ken Kern, 81st SPS, 1978 ~ 1981.
Cherwell Innovation Centre

"Here is one of the things that have happened." - Submitted by Bill Searcy , 1st Aviation Field Depot Squadron (SAC), 1951 - 1954.

An introduction to the Cherwell Valley parishes of Lower Heyford, Rousham, Somerton and Upper Heyford. Located in Oxfordshire, England, the nearest towns to this Cherwell Valley region include Bicester, Banbury and Oxford.

You are invited to tour the villages and visit the churches of the parishes, which are located in a very scenic and rural part of Oxfordshire. Surrounded by a colourful patchwork of farming country, a major part of the character of the area is also played by the Cherwell River and Grand Union Canal which both run along the floor of the valley.

History of the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing

F-111 Aardvark contains images, sounds, movies, all tail numbers and republished articles about the F-111 Aardvark - Pig Have a look! - David Riddel
", a website dedicated to the "FB", the men and women who served with the aircraft. The FB-111A deserves more than to be forgotten and this should be seen as a tribute to the aircraft, the people who built, maintained and flew it..." - Philippe Colin, Creator and Webmaster.
mikeboat.jpg Here are some photos and information about the Base after it closed, on the "USAF Ghost Pages" of the "Rolling Thunder" Classic Jets Pages web site, provided courtesy of Michael Baldock, webmaster, living in Guildford, England.   These photos are definitely a "must see".
Soesterberg Security Police: "Where the gang hangs out..."

- Submitted by Kevin Burns.

The Harry Blacker Admiration Society's Memorial Web Site!!!

"The PREMIERE (and only) Drama Group of RAF Upper Heyford." - Submitted by Tim Hill.

Upper Heyford/Croughton American High School

- Alumni Association for the DOD Dependents Schools in Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire, England. "All" class reunions are held every 3 years in different cities around the country. Our next one is in 2003 in Las Vegas. - Robin Kroyer-Kubicek, Class of 82.

"Dependents attended high school as follows: RAF Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, England from Fall 1966 - June 1975; RAF Croughton, Northamptonshire, England from Fall 1975 - June 1997." - Tracy Canning

Locate your old High School Friends.

A Class of 1972 Project.

"High School transcripts for students graduating from a Department of Defense School (DODS) are transferred to ETS at Princeton, New Jersey five years after graduation.

People can download a transcript request form from or call them at 609-720-6740." - Information submitted courtesy of Lt. Shepherd.

The Unofficial United States Air Force E-mail Locator of Past, Present, & Retired Members.
More than 17,000 Members Listed.

logo_top.gif is the trusted online home for 80 million Americans in the military community -- active duty, reservists, veterans, family members, defense workers and military enthusiasts. - America's Most Comprehensive Military Search GIsearch - America's Most Comprehensive Military Search
Locate lost friends and family, keep in touch with fellow service members, research the history and valor of past generations, and honor those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.
As you move though your military career or after you leave the service, it's easy to lose track of those people who served along with you and made those years memorable. That's where Military Connections comes in. Military Connections is a registry-based site designed to help present and past military personnel and their families find each other and keep in touch. However, Military Connections is much more than just a listing of people. It is a dynamic online community where members can reconnect with old friends, make new friends, share memories and experiences, plan reunions, and network with other members. It's a place where active duty military and veterans can reconnect and stay connected.

Probably the largest database of Forces and Ex-Forces personnel run by Ex-Forces personnel.

I found hundreds of folks listed at who served at RAF Upper Heyford. For best results, upgrade your web browser to the latest version of MS Internet Explorer. - Duane Park

The official site to apply for a Cold War Recognition Certificate.

Submitted by Charles Welch, 20th SPS "C" Flight, 1978 - 1979.

If the above link did not work, try this one: This certificate is available to all who served honorably from Sept. 2, 1945 to Dec. 26, 1991.
Submitted by James C. "Jim" Seymour Jr., 3918th Air Base Squadron (SAC), 3918th Transportation Squadron (SAC), and The Heyford Minutemen Precision Drill Team Guide-On Bearer, 1959 - 1963.

Urban Legends Reference Pages
Link submitted by Tom Patton.

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