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USA_Flag.gif RAF Upper Heyford
Memorial Web Site
The 66th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing
Submitted by Terry Horstead. Emblem_66th_TRW.jpg

(We Observe All), and also translated as "We See Everything"

The 66th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing was assigned to RAF Upper Heyford from 1 Sep 1966 to 1 Apr 1970.

"The 66th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing moved onto base from Laon AB, France on September 1, 1966, the 7514th was inactivated and the base again assumed a base operational mission. The base population was comprised of two flying squadrons, the 17th and 18th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadrons, plus the normal compliment of support units."
Source: The Heyford Observer, 1967.
Submitted by Jeff Arnold (Duck), 66th A&E,  1967 - 1970. 66th TRW Gate Guardian
"This photo is of a gate guardian that was on the Queen's Highway at the south end of the base. I believe that the picture was taken in 1967."

Submitted by Jeff Arnold (Duck), 66th A&E, 1967 - 1970.

Submitted by Gary Cecil. Filename:HO8B_May13-1967.jpg 66th Wing Serves As Eyes Of NATO

Source: The Heyford Observer, May 13, 1967.
Submitted by Gary Cecil, 66th TRW, 18TRS crewchief, RF101C 56-127 Jul 1966 - Nov 1967.

66th TRW Commander, Robert J. Holbury. Photo from 'The Heyford Observer' May 13, 1967. 66th TRW Commander, Col. Robert J. Holbury

Today the Wing is currently designated as the 66th Air Base Wing. Additional information may be found at:
Submitted by Ed Bardwell, 66th AMS, Oct 1967 - Apr 1970. "Another shot from the 60s. There was always a group from the 66th TRW sent on TDY to Morona De La Frontera Spain each winter to avoid the bad flying weather at RAF Upper Heyford. This is Dan Watkins , Ed Bardwell, and Tom Kelso getting ready to climb aboard the C-130 for the 30 day TDY. This shot was probably taken in the winter of 1969."

Submitted by Ed Bardwell, 66th AMS, Oct 1967 - Apr 1970.

66th Electronic Combat Wing
Patch_66th_ECW.jpg Patch_66th_Electronic_Combat_Wing.jpg Currently the 66th Air Base Wing, it was established as the 66th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing on 15 Nov 1952, activated on 1 Jan 1953. Inactivated on 1 Apr 1970. Redesignated 66th Electronic Combat Wing, and activated, on 1 Jun 1985. Inactivated on 31 Mar 1992. Redesignated 66th Air Base Wing on 16 Sep 1994. Activated on 1 Oct 1994.

The 66th Electronic Combat Wing was based out of Sembach AB, Germany. The 66th ECW activated June 1985 and inactivated March 1992. The Wing trained EC-130 aircrews (43rd ECS), administratively controlled EF–111s (42d ECS) based at RAF Upper Heyford, and operationally controled the 20th FW. The 66th provided tactical and electronic combat operations during Operation Desert Storm.

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